By: Candace Blevins

“But, people still follow you, and take pictures, and post them, and—”

He interrupted. “Everyone knew I was responsible, though no one could prove it. I let it be known, in a roundabout way, that I didn’t mind people trying to make a living and only had issues with those who went too far.” He smiled. “A little publicity here and there is good, after all.”

“But this tabloid absolutely went too far.”

“Yes, they did.” He turned the page. “Vernon Bishop worked for a legitimate paper five years ago. Two years ago he began taking pictures of celebrities and selling them, and realized trash journalism paid much better than the real thing. Within a few months he’d started an online gossip site and by the end of the year was publishing hard copies as well as the internet version. Either he doesn’t know how unwise it is to piss me off, or he thinks he’s untouchable.” He shrugged. “I need some time to figure out which is true, and yet a little more to decide the best way to deal with him. The company appears to comprise him, a web geek who manages the server and most of the site, and a woman who types and answers the phone and holds down the fort while he’s out photographing and interviewing. If I take him down, I’ll bring the company down.”

“It’s not fair to make those two people lose their jobs.”

He sighed. “If I find they don’t approve then I’ll find them other employment. If they help him with his sleaze, they’re on their own.”

Chapter Thirty-One

Travis procured an invitation to a movie premier, complete with red carpet and a dozen a-list actors. Cara insisted she purchase her dress and it killed Travis to let her pay thousands for it, but she told him if he brought it up again she’d find a used one at a consignment shop, so he dropped it. Jacob did well picking it out though, and she looked stunning.

He could tell she was star struck but he doubted anyone else realized, and when one of the biggest actresses commended her for not going into hiding, Cara managed to gracefully thank her and hold her own in a five minute conversation.

The next day their pictures were all over the gossip sites, and they even made one of the entertainment shows on Monday evening.

Cara fell asleep in the limo after the premier Friday night and Travis had the driver/security guy carry her up to the hotel room, to keep from waking her.

They were up fairly early Saturday since their internal clocks were still on east coast time, and spent the day exploring, playing tourist, and shopping. He took her to a popular club that evening and she danced with one of her movie star idols. Travis loved seeing her so happy, especially since she kept looking at him and smiling as she danced.

She managed to stay awake until they reached their hotel, but was asleep within seconds of falling into bed.

When he awakened Sunday morning his cock reminded him it’d been over a week since it’d had sex, or a blowjob, or any attention at all. Cara was spooned into him, and he reached around to fondle her breasts. Her body responded even though her mind wasn’t awake, and he worked her slowly until her hips moved to the rhythm of her moans. He pulled her top knee to her chest, probed forward with his cock, and eased into her pussy, surprised at the feral noise coming from his own chest as he sank into the comforting warmth of her body.

She finally roused, going stiff for a brief moment before relaxing in his arms, pushing her ass towards him, and moaning, “Oh god, Travis. Yes.”

He moved slow and steady without varying his pace and her moans continued ramping up until he was surprised she wasn’t thrashing around, milking his cock. He kissed the side of her neck. “Mmmmm. I take it I’ve managed to hit the right spot?”

“Yessssss. Whatever you did to get this angle, try to remember it. You’re scraping my g-spot every time you go in and out. Fuck, I’m gonna come, already.”

Travis didn’t speed up, didn’t give her anything extra, just held her as she spasmed and jerked, her breath coming faster and faster as her orgasm rose to a crescendo and held. He must have kept at it twenty minutes and managed to keep her riding the zenith the entire time without speeding up, just slowly loving her.

As her orgasm reached yet another peak his balls stirred and he relaxed into it, letting his own pleasure have free rein as Cara’s rippling and shuddering inner walls sent him over the edge, instead of the speed of his thrusts.

Neither of them spoke for a while afterwards, they just lay, with Cara content in his embrace. Travis reflected on how she’d jump up and escape his arms after sex when they first met and thought that now, having her so relaxed and comfortable in his arms was the sweetest thing ever.