By: Candace Blevins

Cara almost laughed at the irony of having more money in the bank than she knew what to do with. She was making more than ever and her only expenses were insurance, gas, art supplies, and some clothes and shoes here and there for all the social occasions life with Travis brought. She purchased groceries sometimes, as it was the only household expense she’d figured a way to contribute, though Travis hated when she did. The Arts Council had done so much to give her a good start; it’d be nice to help them. Yeah, she’d love to hand them a ten thousand dollar check.

She looked up at him, smiling. “When’s the party?”

“Not quite three months away. Do you want to get married now, or wait two and a half months?”

Hah! So that was the second part, his way of convincing her to marry him sooner rather than later. She was okay with it though — she wanted to be his wife and loved the idea of calling him her husband. Raising her eyes to his she smiled and said, “I want to honeymoon on a warm sandy beach somewhere. I’m not picky about when, so how long will you need to plan our dream trip? We can stop in Vegas and get married on the way to wherever you book us.”

He flipped his tablet to the browser and opened a travel search engine. “You okay to go to Vegas tomorrow? That way we can be sure no one sees the ring on your finger and annoys you with questions.”

The End