By: Candace Blevins

“Most everyone calls me Papa Bear,” he said as they shook. “You can call me Bear if you prefer.” He turned his head to Cara. “I’ll be around if you need me.”

She grinned. “I know you will. Thanks.”

He grunted at her and walked past them towards the main part of the house.

“He was waiting here to meet me?”

“Yeah, he does that. C’mon upstairs, this is where the bedrooms are.”

“I love these old houses, and this one’s beautiful. I wouldn’t want one but I enjoy spending time in them.”

“Why wouldn’t you want one?”

He grimaced. “Too hard to retrofit and too much of a pain for upkeep. I engineered my home so it can easily be upgraded to better and better technology as it’s invented.”

“Ah, right. Geek stuff. Here we are.”

She opened her door and motioned him in. He stepped through and looked around, saying, “Wow, this is a big room, and you have your own bathroom too.”

“Yeah, the bedrooms in these old houses were small so most everyone ended up with two rooms as their personal space, allowing for a bath and a large closet. They tore the wall between the two rooms out and...” She shrugged. “I don’t know. I like it. The people on the floor above share a bathroom between two rooms and have barely any closet space. The extra rent for this floor was more than worth it.”

She could have kicked herself, talking about mundane things like rent to a billionaire. Looking around, she tried to see her space through his eyes — the pale pink walls, flowery curtains, solid light green comforter with a zillion pillows matching either the striped loveseat or the floral window treatments. He seemed to take it all in, but gave the most attention to her computer’s dual monitor setup and pen-tablet input devices. Figured.

They talked for another five minutes without him making a move as he sat in her desk chair while she perched on the edge of her bed. They covered her computer set-up and the software she preferred, they discussed the pros and cons of different pressure sensitive pen-tablets, and finally, she said, “You know, I don’t think this is working. If you want to leave its okay, you won’t hurt my feelings.”

No sooner had she gotten the words out, he stood and walked to her, pushing her backwards on the bed and parking his knee beside her hips, and gave another soul-shattering kiss with the weight of his body inches above hers and his presence weighing her down. When he stopped kissing her he didn’t move away but pulled his face a few inches above hers and quietly said, “Would you like to take your clothes off, or shall I remove them?” There was no hesitation in his words, no consideration of another option.

Cara opened her mouth to talk and realized she had no air in her lungs. She took a breath, pulling in enough for speech. “I’ll take mine off while you do yours.”

The muscle in his jaw flexed. “No, my clothes are staying put for now. I want you naked.”

“Fuck you. I’m not undressing if you aren’t. This isn’t a strip show.”

His eyes studied her dispassionately, his face almost a mask. “I believe fucking me is the end goal but I’ll get undressed when I’m ready. Probably after you’ve had two or three orgasms, but not before.”

His cocky, emotionless manner suddenly had her wanting him to take her — to use her, and she raised her finger to the narrow space between their bodies and kept eye contact as she unbuttoned her crop pants and slid the zipper down. He pushed away from her and took a few steps back, his gaze following her every move as he calmly watched her stand and allow her pants to drop to the floor.

She’d worn black undies shaped like hip-hugger short shorts that showed part of her ass without being a thong. She pulled her shirt over her head and stood before him in black panties and a boring plain white bra. He turned her and fumbled with the clasp before sliding the bra-straps down her arms, obviously not used to unfastening the eyelets. She pivoted back and his mouth met hers once more as his hand slid up her rib cage to fondle her breast gently. His kiss was tender, and it did absolutely nothing for her.

She heard herself sigh, and cringed inwardly — she hadn’t meant to sound so disappointed. He backed off and looked at her face a few seconds, dropped his gaze to her breasts, and returned his eyes to hers as he pulled her in for another kiss.

He took charge this time, his hand on her back holding her in place while aggressive fingers squeezed and massaged her breast, and she fought to catch her breath. She melted into him and her arms circled his neck as his hand dipped lower and slipped into her panties, fingers driving into her depths and pushing her backwards onto the bed.