By: Candace Blevins

He held her from the inside as she fell back, and once she was lying flat he finger-fucked her with skilled strokes designed to drive her crazy as his mouth continued ravishing hers and his long, strong fingers demanded she accept his unrelenting invasion. Her eyes closed and her spine arched; her body a tightrope for several long seconds as her orgasm built and quickly released in an explosive crescendo that had her humping his hand shamelessly as she thrashed on the bed, the sensations too much for her to contain.

When she was breathing mostly normal again he pulled her panties off, moved his mouth to her nipples, and tantalizingly circled her clit with his finger. Cara moved her hips, wanting more, needing more, and he bit down on her nipple and plunged fingers into her simultaneously, and another climax was suddenly on top of her, engulfing her in ecstasy. She began a scream and remembered her housemates, silencing the outcry as her lips remained open in a soundless shout as she rode the waves of bliss.

When she quieted, still horny but relaxed for the moment; he stood, stripped, and pulled a condom from his pants pocket before loosely folding them over her chair. He peeled his boxer briefs down to show a hard cock, took two steps toward the bed, hesitated, and bent to remove his socks.

Cara almost laughed, but managed not to — this man was such a contradiction.

He climbed onto the bed and, throwing one leg over her, sat with his knees on either side of her ribcage and his bottom resting on her thighs, and stroked himself a few times.

His cock didn’t match the rest of his body; she’d expected long and thin, but it was of average length and bigger around than most. Not thick enough to be scary, but a very nice size.

“What do you want, Cara.”

She wrinkled her brow. “What do you think I want? I want you to fuck me!”

“Do you want it rough? Gentle? Missionary? Doggy?”

Shit, what the hell? No one asked her these kinds of questions. She wanted to screw, not talk about it. “It’s not rocket science, and I’m not picky. Less talking; more fucking.”

He raised an eyebrow, considering her a moment before tearing the condom package open and rolling it on with skill only a player would have. How was it possible someone could fumble so much to unhook a bra but manage to smooth protection on without a second thought?

He leaned to one side and lifted a knee, planting it between her legs and forcing her to spread them. His other leg joined the first and he grasped the backs of her thighs and pushed them up and out, situating her body a microsecond before abruptly leaning forward and sinking into her, opening her wide as his eyes held her gaze and dared her to look away.

He moved slowly, immediately settling into a leisurely pace — pushing into her, pulling out, pressing back in. He held her legs, directed them, controlled her body, and while not the harsh fuck she usually needed, it worked for her because he gave the impression of quite deliberately setting this particular rhythm; sending the message this was what he wanted and his wants trumped her desire for rough sex. The realization hit her like a branding iron and almost sent her into orbit.

Travis shifted his hands, pushing her legs until they touched the bed near her shoulders and bending her in half so she couldn’t pull air into her lungs. He thrust into her a few times and she pushed at him, trying to shove him away. He raised up a little with an “Is there a problem” look and she sucked in a huge breath. “I couldn’t breathe, folded up, no room for air.”

He kept his body up, but pushed his cock in and held, surveying her face and focusing on forehead, eyes, and mouth before meeting her gaze again. “If you need me to change something, say the word yellow and I’ll stop and find out what’s wrong so we can fix it. Say stop or no and I’ll pull out and everything stops, but yellow will make me fix the problem and continue, okay?”

“It worked to push you away and tell you I couldn’t breathe. Why do I need a word?”

He didn’t answer, just shook his head and looped her knees over his elbows before placing his hands above her shoulders. He dipped to her neck and nibbled, his teeth causing little frissons of pain. She was still bent in half but could breathe, and the position opened her to him and made her vulnerable in a way that—

Oh, fuck. He drove hard, and gained momentum as his hips slammed into her, his eyes peering into hers and daring her to think of anything besides his cock hammering her pussy. Lightning swept over her and she felt her heart might burst as she teetered on the edge of an orgasm, unable to come while he held her with his eyes.

Her breath came in short bursts as she tried to fall over the precipice, but his gaze imprisoned her. “I need, I need to... I’m so close, I need—”