Sasha's Lion

By: Hazel Gower

Sin City Shifters, 1

Chapter One

Sasha was dragged through Britney’s front door. She’d been friends with Britney since the first day she’d started school in America, and this was the first time she’d been to her house. Sasha usually hung out with her drama friends. But Britney was hard to resist, your typical cheerleader, bubbly and popular.

When Sasha started school in September, she hadn’t known what to expect. Sure, she’d seen movies and shows, but she didn’t really trust what she saw. Sasha had seen firsthand that the movies were right. Her first day had been a shock. Sasha had been worried because it was her last year of school, and that she wouldn’t fit in as everyone would already have their own little cliques.

She and her mum had also debated if she should go to a public or private school. In the end they had chosen private hoping that with a uniform she might not feel so out of place. Sasha hadn’t expected the acceptance and popularity she’d gotten. She’d had lots of friends in Australia, but nothing like the instant popularity she’d received here.

Britney had been one of the first to girls to introduce herself, and then the others had followed. Sasha had never had so many people to talk to or fight to sit with her. She’d thought it would wear off, but after months passed and she was still center of attention, she stopped her worrying and just stayed to true to herself.

She had three friends she’d met through drama, whom she’d almost instantly become best friends with: Zeck, Jess, and Travis. But Britney was determined to become a closer friend to her.

This was the first time Sasha had been to Britney’s house. Britney had invited her many times, but Sasha had wanted to settle in and get to know everyone, to get a feel for who really liked her and she liked back.

“Don’t worry about the noise. My brothers are home for the weekend. Tyler is a senior in college, and Carl is a freshman. Savron and Brandon work with my Dad managing the nightclubs. Tyler will be graduating this summer, and he’ll join them.” Britney pulled Sasha toward the stairs at the end of the hall.

Nodding, unsure of what to say, she followed Britney up the stairs to her room, passing quickly by a lounge room filled with men yelling at the TV and wrestling one another. From her quick peek all four of Britney’s brothers were huge muscular men, with thick mops of blond hair and cover model looks.

Britney was stunning, but her brothers were drool-worthy. Maybe moving to America for her last year in school wasn’t so bad.

Sasha followed Britney into her room only to pause at the threshold. There were bright pink walls, while photos of popular bands, pompoms, and photos of her friends were scattered around the room. A queen size four-poster princess bed sat in the middle of the room against the back wall. Sasha walked in to see a walk-in wardrobe that lead into a white and cream bathroom.

Wow, spoiled much? Sasha thought.

“Do your brothers all live with you?”

“Tyler and Carl do, but Savron and Brandon have their own place. I don’t know why, when they’re here ninety percent of the time.” Britney cocked her head to the side. “Although the pride does stick together.”

“Pardon? What do you mean by pride?”

“Argh … it’s what I call my family. I’m Britney Pride.” She smiled and walked to her closet taking off her uniform. “I hear in Australia you wear a uniform to school even if you don’t go to a private school?”

Sasha grinned and looked at the uniform she wore. It was blue and grey with a white cotton shirt and a jacket that matched the skirt. Sasha had a shapely body, and no matter what she did it stayed that way. She’d modified the skirt she’d been given to fit her better, made it a lot shorter, and once she’d added some black tights, cute Mary Jane shoes, and left her long black hair out, she was ready for her school. She’d fit right in, and soon Britney had introduced herself and so had the rest of the school.

“Yes. My uniform at home isn’t much different from this one. It’s a red and orange pleated skirt with a white top.”

“Cool, so not much of a change. Sit on the bed. Get comfy.” Britney walked to the bathroom and yelled, “I still can’t get over you moving in the last year of your schooling.”

Sasha sat on the bed moving the pillows around and dumped her backpack next to her. “Trust me, I wanted to stay. I was ready to live with my father. The thing that stopped me, though, was I knew my mother would never go without me. This is the first real relationship she’s had since my dad left over ten years ago. I’m also not planning on doing anything huge when I finish school. I want to be a childcare worker, and maybe go for my teaching grades in dancing so I can teach Latin and ballroom, and those things can be put on hold for a while. Australia has an awesome TAFE and university system, for all ages.”