The Dragon Takes What's His(4)

By: Marcy Jacks

The fact that they were mates had simply been a bonus to the whole thing.

Blaze melted into the kiss. His lips moved back against Zack’s, as though he was re-learning old territory.

His large, powerful hand came to rest on the back of Zack’s head, fingers pushing through his hair, fingernails gently scraping along the flesh of his scalp.

Zack loved that feeling. He moaned into it and pressed himself harder against the other man as his body tightened. His nipples budded, he would have touched his cock just to ease the ache he felt if he’d been able to reach it.

At the moment, keeping his hands latched to Blaze’s shoulders, if only so he could have something to hang on to, seemed to be the more important thing to do.

Until Blaze suddenly, and without warning, pushed Zack back.

Zack’s spine thunked hard on the door to the SUV. He barely felt it. He only felt how out of breath he was, and how cold.

He wiped his mouth. It was still wet from their kiss as he panted for breath.

They looked at each other, and the entire time, Zack couldn’t help but wonder if Blaze ached for more in the exact same way Zack did.

“What the hell did you just do?”

Zack blinked. “What?”

“Don’t ask me what!” Blaze barked. “That! That thing you just did. What did you just do?”

“Uh…I kissed you?”

Something wasn’t right here. The last time Zack had kissed his mate, Blaze had held him tightly and pulled Zack close, as though he couldn’t bear to be parted from him.

To push him away like that and so suddenly…

Then Zack thought he understood, and the idea that popped into his head utterly terrified him.

What if he hadn’t just taken away Blaze’s memory of that night? What if he’d actually erased their mating entirely?

Zack shivered. No. That wasn’t right. That made no sense, and it sure as hell wasn’t the spell Zack had cast that night as Blaze slept.

Right before Zack had walked away.

“I kissed you. I didn’t do anything else.”

Blaze pressed his lips together and narrowed his eyes.

Zack didn’t like the look of suspicion on his face, but considering the position he was in, what choice did he have but to sit there and take it?

“You’re going to explain to me what you did to me. What’s this spell you’re talking about? What mating?”

Zack nodded. At least this was something he could do. “Right, uh, I…” Zack took in a deep breath. “You and I met seven months ago. In that bar.”

“I’ve never been in that bar before.”

Zack’s heart ached to think of that. Of course Blaze wouldn’t remember it because that was the entire point of the spell. It was what Zack had wanted when he’d walked away that night.

“I cast a memory spell on you, when you were sleeping. I’m not a dark warlock! I’m a light warlock!” he said quickly when it looked as though Blaze was about to raise his hand up to him.

Blaze shook his head. “Makes no difference to me. You still use dragon scales and fox tails in your spells.”

“I know.” Zack looked down at his hands, shame rushing through him. “But I’ve never killed anyone.”

“Like I care. Why would I be…” Blaze stopped himself suddenly then shook his head with a morose sort of grin. “Right. Of course. I was sleeping next to you because I’d just fucked you.”

Heat flooded into Zack’s cheeks. “Yes. We’d made love a couple of times.”

“A couple of times?” Once again those green eyes flashed right before Blaze looked up at the ceiling, as though he were searching for patience. “Jesus Christ, you’ve got to be kidding me. I put my dick inside a warlock a couple of times?”

Zack growled at the man, getting angry. “One of those times I put my dick inside of you, so don’t be an asshole.”

The hand that snatched him was quick as a cobra strike. Zack didn’t have the chance to defend himself or prepare before his breath was cut off by that overly large fist.

Blaze yanked Zack close until their noses were touching.

“You watch your mouth, you little witch. Don’t think for one second I believe this shit you’re spewing.”

“It’s true,” Zack rasped out. He could hardly get the words out with what little air he still had in his lungs. “I’m…your…mate.”

He was going to pass out. Or die. His own mate was going to kill him, and tears rushed to Zack’s eyes.

He was going to die by the hand of his mate.

Just as a tunnel vision came into the corners of his vision and began to creep forward, the hand that held tightly to Zack’s throat released him.