The Dragon Takes What's His(5)

By: Marcy Jacks

Had he not already been sitting, Zack would have fallen to his knees.

He sucked back harsh breaths, clutching at his throat, the moisture still building at the corner of his eyes.

Holy fuck. That had been the scariest thing he’d ever experienced in his entire life.

Meanwhile, Blaze sat in the driver’s seat, facing the window, glaring at it was more likely, with his hand on the wheel.

“You piss me off.”

Zack coughed. “What?”

It was going to take a while before he was able to get his voice back to sounding normal.

Blaze barely looked at him, and when he did, it was with such contempt that Zack had to wonder if this wasn’t a huge mistake.

If maybe he should have left this all alone.

His mate didn’t want him. His mate was disgusted by him.

Hell, maybe Zack was better off taking his chances with the coven.

No. He didn’t have to think long before he came back to the realization that was an even bigger mistake than anything.

“What are you going to do?” Zack asked.

Blaze heaved an irritated sigh. “Well, since I get the feeling you came to me because you want something, I think I have to keep you around, no matter how annoying you are or how unlikely your story is.”

“You’re saying you felt nothing when you kissed me?”

Blaze glanced at him before quickly glaring back out the window. “I’m not saying anything.”

And for a solid minute, he really didn’t. He just sneered out the window before finally asking one more question.

“Why come looking for me? If you fucked with my memories, then you obviously don’t want to be around me.”

Zack’s heart pounded. He’d felt fear just thinking of explaining this to his mate, but now that he was here, a solid panic attack might be in his future.

“I came back for you because I need your help. I’m…I’m pregnant with your egg.”

Chapter Three

Blaze couldn’t believe it. He didn’t want to believe it. How could he believe it?

“Say that again.”

The smaller man swallowed hard. “I…”

Blaze grabbed him by his throat again, yanking him forward. “Tell me that again.”

The man trembled in Blaze’s grip. He would have felt a little sorry for the man if he weren’t a damned warlock.

“I’m really sorry.”


He couldn’t believe it.

“You’re telling me that you were casting spells on me and that you’re pregnant with my…”

Now Blaze was the one to trail off. He didn’t mean to, but he just looked down at Zack’s stomach. The jacket was big. Bulky. Was it hiding a full stomach?

Zack seemed to realize what Blaze was thinking, and he undid his coat of his own free will, spreading it open for him to see.

The man had on a long-sleeved shirt beneath the jacket, and right there, right where Blaze could see it…

He groaned, falling back into his seat. “You look like you’re about to burst.”

“I’m about two months away.”

Blaze covered his eyes with his hand. “Assuming I believe you and this is my child, why would you erase my memory?”

Just saying those words out loud was enough to make him growl at the warlock again. “Dragons tend to not like it when warlocks fuck with them.”

“I know, I’m really sorry.”

“Cut it out with your sorries and tell me what’s going on.”

Zack nodded. Did the guy have to look so beaten down and ashamed of himself? He was making Blaze feel guilty, and Blaze was not the one who’d done something wrong here.

“We met in the spring. It was at this bar. You said you just wanted to come in and try something new if I remember it right.” Zack’s cheeks turned color. “You said I smelled good. You brought me into the bathroom. You gave me your phone number, and I was shocked when it actually worked.”

“I gave you my number?” Blaze needed that to be proven right away. “What is my number?”

Zack rattled off the number. He was correct.

He could have gotten that information from somewhere else, however.

“Why not just call me? If you wanted to see me so badly?”

“I was going to, if you didn’t show up again.” Zack rubbed his arm. “I decided to wait and see if you would ever come back, ever want to try out something new. It was…I don’t know, I guess I just thought that if you got a number or a text from someone you didn’t know you would delete it as spam or tell me to stop calling you.”

“I suppose that makes sense.” He didn’t like admitting to that.

“So you and I met and hooked up, and maybe we’re mates. Why leave? Why erase my memory?”