The Dragon Takes What's His(7)

By: Marcy Jacks

Their spines seemed to stiffen.

“He told you his name?”

Blaze frowned. “Uh, yeah. We introduced ourselves.”

Maybe this was another warlock thing. Sebby had said something about warlocks not liking to give out their names to their enemies. Blaze hadn’t paid much attention to why at the time, but right now…maybe it was a bad luck thing? Warlocks were incredibly superstitious.

Made sense. They were into magic and luck and all that shit.

The warlocks in black stood there, as though debating amongst themselves whether or not they should do anything.

Then they sprang on him, black cloaks flailing behind them like liquid shadows.

Blaze was taken almost completely off guard. He’d expected more of a warning, but he could handle this, as well.

He recovered quickly.

Blaze was tired from his previous fight earlier that day with the Dog Catchers, but he wasn’t drained, and it was a simple enough matter to twist his body out of the way of the cloaked men who came at him.

Except they didn’t exactly come at him. The figures in their dark cloaks flew at his SUV and surrounded it. Without touching it, the vehicle began to move and shake. Inside, Zack yelled from the shock of it.

And Blaze became enraged. “Hey!”

He ran up behind one of the cloaked figures standing next to the passenger side door and grabbed him by the shoulders, throwing him back.

The guy flew, but not in the graceful way he’d experienced before when he’d gone toward the vehicle. No, this time it was more the kind of flying that came when a bird had broken its wing and was flailing around pathetically in the sky, trying desperately to come down for a proper landing.

He landed on a closed dumpster.

Even Blaze had to wince with the bang that let off. Then he laughed.

This was what he liked about a proper battle. This was what he craved whenever he went for the throats of his enemies.

Something hot and bright struck his back. The burn brought a searing cry from his throat as Blaze jumped away from it and turned back to face his attackers.

One of the warlocks had an actual fireball in his hand. The little pissant.

“You will back away and let us take our brother back home. He does not belong with you.”

Blaze frowned. The light brought on from the fireball lit up the guy’s face, even with hood of his cloak so far down his head.

He was a skinny man, his face oily with the kind of facial hair that came with that…Blaze didn’t entirely know how to describe it.

Either the man didn’t have the makeup to grow a proper beard with how splotchy it was coming in, or he was shit at shaving.

Either way, he looked like the kind of guy who’d gotten his head dunked in the toilets one too many times in high school.

Or, judging by his overly cocky nature, didn’t get his head dunked enough.

Blaze let more of his scales come out from beneath his skin. The layer would protect him from that kind of magic.

“You want to try hitting me with fire? I fucking love fire, you sack of shit. Try that again and see where it gets you!”

Blaze stormed toward the other man, his fists clenched, feeling his own fire picking up in his belly and in his mouth.

The warlocks backed away. Fear was in the eyes of the man holding on to his magical weapon. He threw his fireball at Blaze again.

And this time, prepared for the attack, Blaze easily swatted the fireball away from him. It went up and hit the nearest lamppost. Entirely by accident but Blaze grinned as though it had been done purposely.

The more talented and powerful they thought he was, the better it would be for him in the long run.

The warlock who had been thrown onto the dumpster groaned and rolled off. The two before him trembled with terror. One was beginning to smell a little as though he was farting with nervous fear. Or maybe he’d shit himself.

Either way, Blaze was glad when he was able to breathe freely when the little pests scampered off.

They didn’t say a word. Right. Not so tough now that they realized they had to rely on more than just their magic horseshit.

Blaze watched them run off, growling as they vanished into the shadows.

He should go after them. He really should. It might teach one or two of them a valuable life lesson if he broke their thumbs or something. At least it would make them think the next time about trying to puff up their chests and throw their weight around.

He just might have done that, had it not been for the fact that he had a pregnant warlock sitting in his car.

And his back really fucking hurt. That little shit had gotten him good when he had his back turned.

Blaze kept his back straight and his head held high as he went back to the driver’s side of his SUV. He rapped on the door and climbed in when Zack opened it for him. He didn’t allow himself to sigh with any hint of relief until he was fully seated.