Theirs:The Bears, 1(8)

By: Hazel Gower

He looked down at her and could see all the questions in her eyes so he tried to explain best he could. “Susie, I know you are my true mate. I could smell you yesterday as soon as I entered the office.”

Her elbow ploughed into his chest and she growled out, “Are you saying I smell?”

“No, honey, you smell like heaven to me. We recognise our mates from their smell, and I was also attracted to you instantly even though you’re not my usual type. I usually only date models or women who could model.”

This time he wasn’t prepared for the punch she threw at him or the knee she thrust into his cock as she got off his lap and grabbed her tattered clothes. “Okay, I have heard enough. I’m out of here, and I don’t care who sees me. I don’t have to listen to this crap.”

She shoved on his shorts and held them with one hand while she tied her baggy tattered shirt in knots the best she could with the other then stomped to the door, opened it, and left, slamming the door behind her.

Brian sat for a moment trying to figure out what he said to offend her. He banged his head on the desk, groaning, when his words repeated in his head. Reaching for the phone he called down to Tayler and got a surprise when Jarrod, Tayler’s brother, answered the phone. “Where’s Tayler, Jarrod?”

Brian heard a groan before Jarrod answered, “Ahhh, Brian, it’s you. I thought your brother, Blake, was getting it on with someone in the office again. I was sure it was him when a voluptuous brunette came rushing down the stairs, holding her clothes on.”

Brian growled through the phone. “Keep your fucking eyes to yourself, Jarrod. That’s my true mate.”

Brian heard a chuckle on the other end. “What happened, man? She ran like the hounds of hell were at her heels.”

With a snarl, Brian said, “Just don’t let her leave. And where on earth is Tayler?”

The laughing stopped instantly and Jarrod whispered, “Oh shit. My sister just followed your mate to the locker room. I better go before she kills her. You know she has a crush on you. It also didn’t help every shifter in the gym could hear you two going at it. I think even some of the humans heard. I better go rescue…”

Brian didn’t even bother to hang the phone up. He opened the draw to find a spare set of shorts, gave thanks that his brother was a slut and hid spare clothes everywhere, and shoved them on as he ran to the door, praying he got to Susie in time.

Chapter Four

Susie felt like a fool. Not only did she just have sex with the hottest guy ever, she’d found out he was a friggin’ bear shifter, like out of a paranormal book. The thing that took the cake, though, was that he supposedly thought of her as his mate even though she wasn’t really his type. He didn’t really want her as he usually went for models or “women that could be models.” Great, just fucking great. She’d enjoyed sex for the first time in three years with a guy who didn’t even think she was attractive and thought she smelled.

Susie ran as fast as she could while holding up the pants, and used the other hand to make sure the knots she’d made in her shirt stayed tied. She didn’t notice she’d been followed into the locker room until someone grabbed her hair and slammed her against the lockers, screaming, “You can’t have him. He’s going to be mine. Stay away from him. He doesn’t like fat nobody humans. Brian is mine.”

It took her a while but Susie recognised the voice of Tayler from earlier. Moaning because she hadn’t figured it out when she’d been talking to her before that the teenager’s crush was Brian, Susie said, “He’s yours. You can have him. Actually, you’re welcome to him, Tayler. Don’t worry. I will not be coming back here again. I’m thinking of moving away. What do you think of Queensland? I know they’re always looking for good childcare workers.” She babbled on until she felt the teenager’s grip loosen and then finally let go.

Susie grabbed her bag out of the locker before she slowly turned around, afraid of what she would see. The girl grew quite a bit and bulked up at least three times her size. Fur covered her skin and she now had long, sharp teeth.

“Wow, I bet you never get bullied at school.”

The creature… ah, um, Tayler cocked her head to the side and stared at her with a freaky intensity.

“Well, as I, um, said before, I’m going to go now. He’s all yours. I don’t want him.” Susie moved carefully toward the door, praying she could get out of the locker room in one piece. She promised herself she would move and find a women’s gym, or to hell with it. She would just live with her weight and go buy the next size up in clothing.