Trust The Dark

By: A.M. Hardin

Chapter One

“Oh, come on, Kara, please,” Emma begs for the tenth time since school ended a half hour ago.

I glare at my best friend. “No, Emma. I don’t want to go.”

“It’ll be fun,” she persists.

“No, it’ll be creepy. You know I hate creepy things.” I pull my car into my driveway and turn it off.

“Kara,” Emma whines. “Seriously. It’s not that bad.”

“You want me to go to a creepy ass abandoned house party. I’m not really down for that. Especially since it’s supposedly haunted. Nope. No go.” I shake my head.

“Please. It won’t be totally horrible. It’ll be fun. It’s a freaking costume party!”

“I don’t have a costume, Emma. No.”

I reach between the seats into the back and grab my bag. Getting out of the car with me, a grin forms on Emma’s face.

“What?” I ask.

“I have something you can use. I’ll have my brother bring it over.” She pulls her phone out of her pocket and starts texting, ignoring me completely.

I sigh heavily. “Emma-”

“No. You need to have some fun. This is fun.”

“No,” I drawl. “This is stupid.”

“Come on, Kara. This is the last Halloween party that we’ll ever go to in this stupid ass town. Don’t you want it to be epic?”

Actually, not really.


“I won’t stop bugging you until you agree to come with me,” she states stubbornly, crossing her arms across her chest as she stops in front of the door, blocking me from getting into my own damn house.

I glare at her before groaning knowing that her threat really isn’t a bluff. “Fine, you fucking stubborn-assed bitch.”

Emma lets out a little squeal. “Awesome!” Her phone goes off in her hand and she smiles as she reads it. “And my brother will be here with our costumes in a bit. Let’s get inside and get this stupid ass homework started so we don’t have as much to do later.”

* * *

It turns out that Emma’s idea of a perfect costume is a black ball gown and a tiara. She says that I’m the Evil Queen or whatever. While I’m dressed in this fancy stuff, she’s dressed in a slutty nurse costume.

I eye her outfit as she walks toward me after leaving my bathroom. “I’m suddenly extremely glad that I’m dressed this way.”

She rolls her eyes. “Only because you’re so freaking scared of showing a little bit of skin.”

“Um, no,” I say slowly. “Because that costume is kind of overly done by now, isn’t it? I mean, I’m pretty sure there will be at least three other girls with the same exact thing.”

Emma narrows her eyes at me. “Don’t be snippy because you don’t want to go.”

“I’ll be snippy, because that’s just who I am as a person,” I shoot back at her with a grin.

“Ain’t that the damn truth,” she mutters as she reaches up and adjusts her boobs, making her cleavage pop more.

“You mess with that anymore and you’ll be showing your girls,” I warn her.

Emma glances down and shrugs. “Meh, not like I won’t be with a few drinks in me anyways.”

“That’s the truth.” I laugh as she smacks my arm. “Can we just go to this stupid ass party now?”

“Yeah, lets go. Your parents aren’t home right?”

“Nope. They’ll be gone until late tonight.” Thank god. My parents and I have a seriously strained relationship. They think I’m worthless and I just think that they’re assholes who love to make everyone around them miserable.

“Sweet. Let’s go.”

It doesn’t take long to get to the abandoned house where the party is since it’s right down the road from my house. There are cars parked in the driveway, on the street and even the front lawn. Loud music blasts from inside the house and teenagers pour in and out of the place dressed in various costumes.

I shake my head as I climb out of my car, eyeing the guy by the car parked in front of me who’s bent over, puking already. Seriously? The party hasn’t been going that long.

Emma laughs. “Well, looks like we’re a bit late to the party, huh?” She asks, coming to stand beside me, linking our arms together.