Until We're More(115)

By: Cindi Madsen

“I saw that,” Shane said. “Not like I didn’t know already.”

The ref officially called the fight with twenty seconds left in the fifth round, and in that instant, Liam became the light heavyweight champion.

And the crowd went wild—but I was relatively sure I was the only one making a high-pitched squeal that only dogs could hear. Chaos always followed the end of a match, people cheering and a wave of movement going through the crowd, some surging forward while some surged for the exits. Luckily, I knew enough of the people working the venue that when I rushed toward Liam’s corner, they let me through.

Liam turned, and my breath caught in my throat as a jolt of electricity made a mess of my insides. Even slightly beat-up after five grueling rounds in the cage, he was still the sexiest, hottest, most swoonworthy dude I’d ever laid eyes on, and even better, he was all mine.

I launched myself into his arms and showered him with kisses. “I knew you could do it.”

He squeezed me so tightly I could hardly breathe, but oxygen was overrated anyway. “Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Totally not true, but I’ll take it.”

He pulled back to look me in the eye. “I’m serious, Chelsea. Having you on the sidelines, knowing you were cheering for me, and even better, that I get to go home to you… Finn was right. Having you in my life gives my fights more heart.”

Our reunion   was short-lived, people rushing in to congratulate Liam and conduct interviews and take care of all the other after-fight stuff. When Shane and Brooklyn retreated to the locker room, I went with them. We paced while we waited for Finn, Blake, and Liam.

Once they finally arrived, there were more exchanged congratulations and checkins, and then one by one they left, until it was just him and me.

I twisted a strand of hair around my finger and aimed a flirty smile his way. “Remember the last time we were alone in a locker room after a fight?”

A secretive smile tugged at Liam’s lips, one that gave me hot flashes and dirty thoughts.

“You told me my first time couldn’t be in a locker room.” I batted my eyes and lowered my finger to the neckline of my shirt, dragging it back and forth. “But it’s hardly my first time.”

Liam backed me up against the wall, just like he’d done that night.

“Unless you’re too worn out from your fight,” I said, my concern for him overtaking my desire, although it was still tapping my shoulder, insisting it needed fed. “I’d totally understand.”

He dipped his head and placed a hard kiss on my mouth. “I feel a second wind coming on.”

“I’m feeling something you’ve got coming on.” I arched against him, pressing his erection tighter to me.

The next instant, I was in his arms. He locked the door, and then he showed me just how much stamina he had. And after adding one more location to our list of sexual escapades, he laced his fingers with mine, lifted my hand, and kissed the back of it.

“Let’s go home,” he said.

No matter how many times he said it, I never tired of hearing it. And I knew that regardless of where we went, as long as I was with Liam, I’d always be home.