Winter Jacket_ New Beginnings

By: Eliza Lentzski


Malibu, California: Winter Break

She was singing in the shower when I walked through the bathroom door. I could just make out her slender silhouette through the flimsy material of the opaque shower curtain. There was no music for her to sing along with, but that didn’t seem to bother her.

The air was thick with steam from the heat of the shower. I silently stripped out of my pajamas and carefully folded and placed them on the ample counter space. The rental condo’s bathroom was massive. In addition to the double sinks, it had a separate shower and a bathtub so large that it needed a designated deep end. When Troian had first shown me the property online when I was looking for a place to escape to after my tenure review, I’d teased her about paying extra for a full-time lifeguard for the bathroom.

When I pulled back the shower curtain, a noise that I can only describe as a “yelp” echoed against the tiled bathroom walls.

I bit back the snicker that came at her expense. I hadn’t meant to scare her; I only wanted to join her. But she’d been singing so loudly and was so much in her own world that I’d gone undetected even though I hadn’t been trying to be stealthy.

“Sorry, baby. Did I scare you?” I asked with a smug smile. I stepped in under the warm spray of the shower and let the water hit the tops of my shoulders. There was only a single showerhead, but it was one of those oversized rain showers that allowed both of us underneath the falling water.

“No,” she snorted stubbornly. “You just surprised me, that’s all.”

I didn’t consider all women in the midst of a shower to be attractive; some women seemed to glisten from the spray of an overhead water fall, but some women just got wet. Hunter, however, was stunning. She should have looked comical with her blonde hair thoroughly plastered to her forehead and the flustered look on her face, but beyond that was a banquet of naked flesh. And believe me, I was a glutton when it came to this woman.

I watched the spray of water hit the top of her shoulders to collect in concentrated rivers that traveled down the expanse of her taut, limber figure. Her normally porcelain skin was flushed across her shoulders and breastplate from the exertion of her earlier run on the beach and the heat of the shower. Her more-than-a-handful breasts were pert, supple, and capped with rose petal pink nipples.

I could tell she was internally wrestling with how to respond to my unannounced appearance. She could be angry with me for scaring her or impressed that I’d finally taken her up on her flimsy offer to save water and reduce our carbon footprint. I could also tell she was having a hard time not gawking at my naked body, and it made me smile a little to feel her stare. I wasn’t a runner like she was, but a religious routine of other cardio-activities kept my stomach flat and my legs and arms toned.

I stepped behind her and wrapped my arms around her bare waist. I held her close so my hardened nipples pressed against her back. The hot water felt good. She felt good. I tilted my head backwards to let the water cascade down on my face. I’d been out on the balcony earlier and the chill from the saltwater-sprayed air had me chilled to the bone.

“I was starting to think maybe you didn’t care about the environment,” she murmured. She pressed her backside more fully against me.

A low moan fell from my lips at the contact. I ran my hands over her full breasts and down her flat stomach. Her skin was slick from a mixture of soap and water. My hands met at the apex of her sex.

I fully expected us to continue in this way, me gently stroking the length of her body and murmuring intimacies into her ear, until she was panting for me to take her from behind. A graphic image of her bent at the waist, palms flat against the shower tile, and legs spread shoulder-length apart, flashed before my eyes.

Unexpectedly, she spun on her heels and pushed me against the cold tile wall. Her hot mouth bit down on the top of my shoulder. My eyes rolled from the multiple sensations – the icy shock of the cold tile against my back, the warmth of her mouth on my shoulder, and the sharpness of her teeth, which threatened to break the skin. “Fuck, Hunter,” I gasped.

She looked up at me from beneath thick eyelashes and an army of butterflies assaulted my stomach. “That’s kind of the plan, isn’t it?” she smiled coyly. Her hand was instantly between my legs.